Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh friendship -

today wasnt much of a day - at least the first half.
i woke up at three ((who does that?!)) - and ate a breakfast and got a coffee then went to work.
work was work was work.
then -
friendship happened!!!
ate a dinner alone and walked up the street to go and party with those i love the most.
outdoors on summer nights is the best - pink skies - warm air and quesodillas! ((now i didnt eat one buy stef did and boy did it look like she just had the best time!))
wine was had - beers were had and everyone was happy!
then we walked home ((to the vanilla dome))
and listened to some good ole' Good Grief - and Dick Jaspers -
what a swell time!!

now were sitting around while dave pixels out random things in photos - i love this place.

so even though the only people that read this blog are here in this room now i decided it was a good time to type and you know - capture this moment in words forever
because we all know the internet is forever
diamonds are forever

im gonna try something NEW out

things i learned today:
(what a fun idea!)
- covering photos in pixels is always funny
- fireworks photos are normally pretty awesome
- friends are funny
- work is stressful and people there can really suck
- cunt is the funniest of words
- happiness is what this room is currently filled with
- all i need is friends! they make the world oh so jolly!

now - wasnt that the best of times?!
so - dear readers - i hope you enjoyed this evening as much as i - i love you all and
dave loves karls back.


jimmy jimmy said...

dave puts kissy faces all over karl's back he loves it so much.

david said...

i wanna meet that back

absurdjoy said...

Im still trying to figure out this blogspot thingy. How do I add you as a friendly person? I will always indeed be nerdy. I had 109 hours on FF12 before I made myself follow the storyline again and beat it.