Monday, July 28, 2008


new computer
new computer
new computer
new computer

now who needs a bloggie
i can video chat
allll night!!!

with everyone!!! ! !

woot wooot woooooot!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the internet can provide you with free money?!

its true!
if you have talent - drive and love in your heart you can make money from the internet!
all you have to do is:
work with a friend
draw pictures
put them on the computer
and there you have it!!!

someone will pay you for your ideas and your talents - amazing truely amazing!!!

thats my news of the hour

now for news of the past:
- work is excellent . i dont think ill be losing my job - im getting enough hours and working really hard so i think the fiam will keep me around for a while longer
- big stef is going out into the world soon! jimmy is going out into the world sooon! dave is going out into the world sooon! ill be here in bellingham working on internets with karl.
- i want cookies!
- i need to clean my room
- my car will be towed tomorrow sometime
- im very excited for year two in bellingham

i think this post is complete.

Friday, July 18, 2008

i want i want

to relearn ballet.

thats all for today

Thursday, July 10, 2008

oh friendship -

today wasnt much of a day - at least the first half.
i woke up at three ((who does that?!)) - and ate a breakfast and got a coffee then went to work.
work was work was work.
then -
friendship happened!!!
ate a dinner alone and walked up the street to go and party with those i love the most.
outdoors on summer nights is the best - pink skies - warm air and quesodillas! ((now i didnt eat one buy stef did and boy did it look like she just had the best time!))
wine was had - beers were had and everyone was happy!
then we walked home ((to the vanilla dome))
and listened to some good ole' Good Grief - and Dick Jaspers -
what a swell time!!

now were sitting around while dave pixels out random things in photos - i love this place.

so even though the only people that read this blog are here in this room now i decided it was a good time to type and you know - capture this moment in words forever
because we all know the internet is forever
diamonds are forever

im gonna try something NEW out

things i learned today:
(what a fun idea!)
- covering photos in pixels is always funny
- fireworks photos are normally pretty awesome
- friends are funny
- work is stressful and people there can really suck
- cunt is the funniest of words
- happiness is what this room is currently filled with
- all i need is friends! they make the world oh so jolly!

now - wasnt that the best of times?!
so - dear readers - i hope you enjoyed this evening as much as i - i love you all and
dave loves karls back.

Monday, July 7, 2008

america, the best place on earth

so most of you who read this blog experienced a forth of july very similar to my own - but for you out there who didnt (stef) im going to share a little of it with you now.


friends, chips, chocolate, beer, friends, bikes, explosions, and friends!

the day began like many others - waking up rolling around - wishing i could sleep forever - you know normal steph stuff.
then i remembered - "TODAY IS THE FORTH OF JULY!!! HOORAY!"
and so i celebrated!
i went over to dan andersons house and ate so many chips covered in so much dip! and i drank a coke.a.cola and just had a fantastic time!
all day was filled with so much fun friendship times - i wish every day could be just as wonderful.
the night ended with dan losing his keys and dave, karl, deedee and i having to walk home - oh - karl was also very drunk and because of that i had to hold his hand most of the way home so he wouldnt wander into the street, or fall over onto sharp thorny bushes and die.
it was fun.

so friends
i say the forth was a success!
i would love to have a day like that again sometime soon.
yay for america
yay for freedom
yay for school!


Friday, July 4, 2008

Lightning Lightning Thunder Clouds!!

Last night there was a thunder storm
complete with lightning and buckets of rain

karl and i took a walk to watch the sky light up all purple, green and blue - it was fun.

i ate a grapefruit
i would like to now share my thoughts on the grapefruit:
its a silly fruit - its shape is like that of an orange - so you would think it would be a sweeter more delightful orange but then when you open it up its tart - like a lemon or lime
it is not shaped like a lemon or a lime - so its a secret fruit - disguised as something it really isnt - its magic!
magic secret fruit
thats why i love it.

today thunder continued to shake the world
for a while.
today i worked with pizza
i still smell like it.
today i got coffee with friends
it was nice sharing conversation
and a cookie.
i miss stef.


ps. maybe i need more friends - oh golly imagine what its gonna be like in a few months when everyday im missing a jimmy a dave and a stef. . . . at least ill have a deeds and a k9000!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lets whatch anime!!!

yesterday i received a box of anime in the mail.
i havent watched an animated series in years - it feels really good - really nerdy starting this all over again.

the series i bought is called Galaxy Railways - its all about babes and pirates on trains in space!
heres a picture!
((because bloggies are for sharing pictures and such))

i like telling myself that im investing this time so ill have more inspiration for my own comic book story.
an anime.investment.

i have to work now - i dont wanna!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

day two:

"ohh what's with today, today?"

well - today was:
waking up to sun
so warm in my room
making my body sing for water

wandering out into the hall - hearing the shower, knowing my little bladder would have to remain full of liquid until karl decided he was sufficiently clean.

eating another breakfast made by karl, then spending all day conversing with karl about many different things -
such as:
religion, relationships, the future (always), jewelry, family, hair and coffee

then i smoked a cigarette and decided to quit (again i say!) and went to work.
work is eh these days - i became frustrated for a while today when i noticed the new girl was already training to become a host - i want to host . . . why wont they let me tell people where they can and cannot sit?!
oh fiamma.

i brought a pizza home and become very upset by the heat inside that home - too hot for hot food - though dave karl and i ate it anyway.

walked to fred meyer with k9000* - talked about more things - maybe the universe this time, and when we got back we watched a film of images - images like these:

it was wonderful.
jimmy put water up his nose
i have an internet.stalker.creep
i miss stef.

day two was pretty good.
bloggin aint too bad!