Tuesday, July 1, 2008

day two:

"ohh what's with today, today?"

well - today was:
waking up to sun
so warm in my room
making my body sing for water

wandering out into the hall - hearing the shower, knowing my little bladder would have to remain full of liquid until karl decided he was sufficiently clean.

eating another breakfast made by karl, then spending all day conversing with karl about many different things -
such as:
religion, relationships, the future (always), jewelry, family, hair and coffee

then i smoked a cigarette and decided to quit (again i say!) and went to work.
work is eh these days - i became frustrated for a while today when i noticed the new girl was already training to become a host - i want to host . . . why wont they let me tell people where they can and cannot sit?!
oh fiamma.

i brought a pizza home and become very upset by the heat inside that home - too hot for hot food - though dave karl and i ate it anyway.

walked to fred meyer with k9000* - talked about more things - maybe the universe this time, and when we got back we watched a film of images - images like these: http://www.greatbuildings.com/buildings/Casa_Batllo.html

it was wonderful.
jimmy put water up his nose
i have an internet.stalker.creep
i miss stef.

day two was pretty good.
bloggin aint too bad!


1 comment:

stefanie p. warmouth said...

holy blogspot!

this is good, good stuff, steph.

i miss you too.

a lot.