Monday, July 7, 2008

america, the best place on earth

so most of you who read this blog experienced a forth of july very similar to my own - but for you out there who didnt (stef) im going to share a little of it with you now.


friends, chips, chocolate, beer, friends, bikes, explosions, and friends!

the day began like many others - waking up rolling around - wishing i could sleep forever - you know normal steph stuff.
then i remembered - "TODAY IS THE FORTH OF JULY!!! HOORAY!"
and so i celebrated!
i went over to dan andersons house and ate so many chips covered in so much dip! and i drank a coke.a.cola and just had a fantastic time!
all day was filled with so much fun friendship times - i wish every day could be just as wonderful.
the night ended with dan losing his keys and dave, karl, deedee and i having to walk home - oh - karl was also very drunk and because of that i had to hold his hand most of the way home so he wouldnt wander into the street, or fall over onto sharp thorny bushes and die.
it was fun.

so friends
i say the forth was a success!
i would love to have a day like that again sometime soon.
yay for america
yay for freedom
yay for school!



Karl said...

Yea! I had fun. The walk home was nice.

stefanie p. warmouth said...

oh steph, i miss you more than you could know.

i'll be at your house this evening. promise.