Friday, July 4, 2008

Lightning Lightning Thunder Clouds!!

Last night there was a thunder storm
complete with lightning and buckets of rain

karl and i took a walk to watch the sky light up all purple, green and blue - it was fun.

i ate a grapefruit
i would like to now share my thoughts on the grapefruit:
its a silly fruit - its shape is like that of an orange - so you would think it would be a sweeter more delightful orange but then when you open it up its tart - like a lemon or lime
it is not shaped like a lemon or a lime - so its a secret fruit - disguised as something it really isnt - its magic!
magic secret fruit
thats why i love it.

today thunder continued to shake the world
for a while.
today i worked with pizza
i still smell like it.
today i got coffee with friends
it was nice sharing conversation
and a cookie.
i miss stef.


ps. maybe i need more friends - oh golly imagine what its gonna be like in a few months when everyday im missing a jimmy a dave and a stef. . . . at least ill have a deeds and a k9000!

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