Friday, August 22, 2008

crabtree & evelyn knows what i like!

for the longest time i thought it was normal to spend fifteen dollars on three bars of soap - then i moved away from my house and realized that you could get like one million bars of soap for six dollars.
now - realizing this made me feel a little silly and a little sad because i learned that im pretty ridiculous - spending so much on something that just rubs into my skin and then swims down the drain - BUT - the other day - while i was washing my body with a two dollar bar of soap i thought to myself : :
"this soap it sure does smell nice and feel good - my other soap . . . it smells even nicer and feels even better!"
and that when i decided that i wanted to share with everyone why fancy soap brings me so much joy.

its the softness, the way it bubbles all over my skin - its how the smell lasts until the bar is nothing more than a little sliver that i try to save but accidentally lose down the drain. its how i feel like such an 'adult' everytime i use it - that i spent money on something silly and luxurious and that i get to smell like summer breezes rather than boring old roses.

it reminds me of being seventeen and the importance of smelling nice to attract all the cute boys - its winter time and spring - it reminds me of spending that little extra money on something that made me feel so good.

and its a rocky votolato song.

so in conclusion!!!
i love soap
stupid expensive
soft soft soap.

oh la how lovely this life is.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Change?!

i havent been able to take this blog very seriously because i document my life on another blog on the other side of the internet ((livejournal...))
so i feel like i never have anything new to write about because im just repeating what ive already written someplace else.
ive decided to make this a blog about things i love
and things that break my heart
little things.
like the little things we all think about to ourselves and occasionally share with our closest friends -
and since everyone that reads this is a close close wonderful friend i would like to share those things over this internet with you.
i hope you like it
i hope i like it

enjoy my dears -

Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is that - is life?

went home -
spent days in the sun
spent time with a conley
spent time with an amy - and new friends and old ones too.

came home to a karl
a dan a stef a jimmy and a nick
no dave
no deeds
but those other kids
theyre pretty fantastic i suppose - -

watched a movie that made me happy
spent time on the internet
spent time on sim city 2000
((thanks to nick for bringing that back))

talked about friendships
about love
about moving on
and change
and how we all make - decisions
sometimes that others dont understand

learned about hurt
saw love
saw some fights
((a girl punched in the face!))

worked and worked
worked some more
my knees ache and feel like theyre going to fall off
walking kills.

dreamed some dreams
said some things
and wrote on this internet paper.

auto draft save.

i also left a secret in seattle!
put it in a book
walked away
and have felt like a piece of me is newly free.

oh - oh - oh

this song - i had a boy sing it to me - or to a crowd i suppose - but for me.
it was sic.

Friday, August 8, 2008


was really really sad.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

whats with change?

and growing up
and becoming something new

whats with mistakes
water polo?

what what what is what -

today: :

i didnt eat very much
i got sad
i got happy
i worked
i watched a wonderful movie
with perfect friends

i smoked to make up for not smoking the last two days

i celebrated and felt scared
everything is moving much faster than i wanted it too.

i was playing the lion king
maybe karls right maybe it cant be beaten.
even though i swear i did it as a child . . .
its been a long time since then
i proved that to myself today.

music music music music
inside my computer! !

this update was very livejournal - weird.
i tried to write normal!

Friday, August 1, 2008

this is my new roomie

since david is leaving us like a jerk - deedee is moving in! ! !
shes cool
i drew and colored this picture of her today!