Monday, June 30, 2008

day one :

today i am growing up - im moving past the livejournal and beginning anew!
no - i suppose that is a lie
im really just doing this so everyone who will be far away can know how my days are going.

livejournal steph is one of mystery and angst
blogspot steph is a badass who wants you to know all about her day

so - friends my day today was as fallows:

when i woke up my room was cool and the earth outside was covered in sunshine
i decided that i would like to go out and play a while.

so after eating a wonderful breakfast that the delightful karl fixed - i did just that

i put on a pretty blue dress and walked with karl to boulevard park - there we stood in the bay (me up to my knees - karl to his mid.calves)
and watched the waves come in and out

jimmy called and came out to play with us - he swam in the bay and karl and i talked about the future - and how cool itll be when we all get hover.boards

we all walked back together - its so wonderful spending sunny days outdoors with friends

after rest and food we all went to a show - there we drew our past/future selves and attached it to balloons - we then let them flow into space

i wish we really couldve gone into space!

OH MAN - imagine how cool that wouldve been - if we were able to attach ourselves to balloons and fly up and up all the way into the deep deep universe - it would be quite wonderful me thinks.

- -
this writing about your day thing is difficult - beginning a day is always simple :: i woke up - from there i. . . :: and so on

now how do i decided when you (dear reader) have had enough - battlestar is on maybe nows a good time?

- - -

happy readings and i hope you can enjoy my life as much as i do.
internet love is key!