Thursday, September 23, 2010

shit post

life rushes

a few months ago my brother made a baby
her name was isabella
she was born last night
and died shortly after.

even though i never knew her
and haven't met her mother
she was a part of my brother
a part of my extended family and blood.

so many unexpected things
why can't they all be wonderful?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Seattle seattle seattle :

here has been nice

i still need a job
need one real bad but,
i know it will happen - eventually.

ive been reading a lot
my mind i suppose feels fuller

i miss home
bellingham had its troubles
but goodness
it was quite wonderful.

there is a lot of walking here
bus is expensive and everything is so close
nothing is more thank forty minutes by foot from one another.

there are friends here
they all have real jobs
so hanging out isnt what it was in bellingham.

everyone is doing their own thing
and you are expected to do your thing
while they do theirs - and then
you are all expected to meet
once a month for a drink at a fancy bar.

ive been cooking
and not drinking
its nice really.

still no real internet,
this connection is stolen from a bar on the corner
it works well mostly.

everything is always moving.
(obviously right?)
ive just never been so on my own before
and i miss the little things that pushed me through a day


those things.

in a few months i know ill be more than content
but right now its hard
nice, interesting, wonderful - but - hard.

oh golly.

life is life is life is -

updike is amazing
chrono trigger is sic.

miss you all
x x

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

future goals?!


when things get difficult
just give up and adopt a bunch of cats!

Monday, May 25, 2009

how to successfully survive: :

the last few weeks of class?

how do people remove their personal lives from their school lives?

i haven't been able to figure this out yet

i am so easily distracted by everything else that is in my head the important little things that so often consume me and my thoughts

little bloggy
maybe i'll just visit you more often
get thoughts out over the computer

pizza brings me joy
so does coffee
and the x files

my new favorite thing is sitting in laynes backyard
on her outdoor blankets
drinking the wine in the day time
talking about boys and shit like that
it's really quite wonderful.

this summer i want to go swimming
i want to sit by the ocean
i want to sleep on a lawn
i want to dance with friends
and make jokes while smoking cigarettes and drinking beers
i want hugs
and kisses
and late night conversations over silly videos

i think we can make this happen dudes
don't study just party
i was supposed to make cookies today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the french -

they really get it
they understand love
to know that you
would travel into the future
only to go back into the past
to love a woman
who youve never really met
except once or twice
in a park or museum.

oh .
the french.

the other day i remembered that i love
filling a tub full of bath water before
i get in

so often ill sit in the tub while the water rises
rarely do i let the tub fill before i choose to relax inside

the other day i waited and waited
and when i submersed
my body in that steamy tub water
i got it i remembered how wonderful it was
to sit in a tub full of soapy
warm water

remember -
this blog is about love

and god damnit do i love full baths and french people.

jimmy i hope to see you soon.


Thursday, April 9, 2009