Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the internet can provide you with free money?!

its true!
if you have talent - drive and love in your heart you can make money from the internet!
all you have to do is:
work with a friend
draw pictures
put them on the computer
and there you have it!!!

someone will pay you for your ideas and your talents - amazing truely amazing!!!

thats my news of the hour

now for news of the past:
- work is excellent . i dont think ill be losing my job - im getting enough hours and working really hard so i think the fiam will keep me around for a while longer
- big stef is going out into the world soon! jimmy is going out into the world sooon! dave is going out into the world sooon! ill be here in bellingham working on internets with karl.
- i want cookies!
- i need to clean my room
- my car will be towed tomorrow sometime
- im very excited for year two in bellingham

i think this post is complete.


jimmy jimmy said...

you're doing it! it's happening!

Karl said...

it's not free money, you still have to work for it. I'm excited about our business opportunities. Oh, by the way, nice work on those comps.