Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is that - is life?

went home -
spent days in the sun
spent time with a conley
spent time with an amy - and new friends and old ones too.

came home to a karl
a dan a stef a jimmy and a nick
no dave
no deeds
but those other kids
theyre pretty fantastic i suppose - -

watched a movie that made me happy
spent time on the internet
spent time on sim city 2000
((thanks to nick for bringing that back))

talked about friendships
about love
about moving on
and change
and how we all make - decisions
sometimes that others dont understand

learned about hurt
saw love
saw some fights
((a girl punched in the face!))

worked and worked
worked some more
my knees ache and feel like theyre going to fall off
walking kills.

dreamed some dreams
said some things
and wrote on this internet paper.

auto draft save.

i also left a secret in seattle!
put it in a book
walked away
and have felt like a piece of me is newly free.

oh - oh - oh

this song - i had a boy sing it to me - or to a crowd i suppose - but for me.
it was sic.


Karl said...

I'm glad you're back. I miss David a lot.

david said...

"hey this is chris. thanks for coming to my show. i think it's pretty cool. i ate some cereal today. i think it'd be kind of cool if we both ate some cereal...together...stephanie..."