Friday, August 22, 2008

crabtree & evelyn knows what i like!

for the longest time i thought it was normal to spend fifteen dollars on three bars of soap - then i moved away from my house and realized that you could get like one million bars of soap for six dollars.
now - realizing this made me feel a little silly and a little sad because i learned that im pretty ridiculous - spending so much on something that just rubs into my skin and then swims down the drain - BUT - the other day - while i was washing my body with a two dollar bar of soap i thought to myself : :
"this soap it sure does smell nice and feel good - my other soap . . . it smells even nicer and feels even better!"
and that when i decided that i wanted to share with everyone why fancy soap brings me so much joy.

its the softness, the way it bubbles all over my skin - its how the smell lasts until the bar is nothing more than a little sliver that i try to save but accidentally lose down the drain. its how i feel like such an 'adult' everytime i use it - that i spent money on something silly and luxurious and that i get to smell like summer breezes rather than boring old roses.

it reminds me of being seventeen and the importance of smelling nice to attract all the cute boys - its winter time and spring - it reminds me of spending that little extra money on something that made me feel so good.

and its a rocky votolato song.

so in conclusion!!!
i love soap
stupid expensive
soft soft soap.

oh la how lovely this life is.


jimmy jimmy said...

i admire you.

i rarely even shower, let alone smell nice.

stefanie p. warmouth said...
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stefanie p. warmouth said...

need updates on soap.