Sunday, May 17, 2009

the french -

they really get it
they understand love
to know that you
would travel into the future
only to go back into the past
to love a woman
who youve never really met
except once or twice
in a park or museum.

oh .
the french.

the other day i remembered that i love
filling a tub full of bath water before
i get in

so often ill sit in the tub while the water rises
rarely do i let the tub fill before i choose to relax inside

the other day i waited and waited
and when i submersed
my body in that steamy tub water
i got it i remembered how wonderful it was
to sit in a tub full of soapy
warm water

remember -
this blog is about love

and god damnit do i love full baths and french people.

jimmy i hope to see you soon.


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jimmy jimmy said...

we're almost there, little steph. can't wait for everything. i've heard that summer has been renamed awesome? ready, set, go!