Sunday, February 1, 2009

dear friends -

life in bellingham doesn't really change -

it goes as fallows:
wake up (to three alarms)
come home to eat food with karl and deedee (when shes home)
back to school
and than various tv shows.

it's really quite simple -

i miss the people that aren't here
and cherish those that are

i hope the world is treating everyone well -
jimmy i hope france is wonderful
dave i hope new york isn't so snowy that you die
stef i hope you made wonderful music while you were away from it all (and i hope to hear what you've created someday soon)

tonight everyone's asleep and i'm playing final fantasy XII
it's really quite nice.

love love
updates are fun!


Haylee Joel said...

BTW, thanks for the FF XII help, little Steph!

jimmy jimmy said...

little steph, i have a new apartment in paris. you can visit if you want.