Wednesday, November 12, 2008

i say : Bellingham Update! !

I promised stefanie that i would update - tell the internet all the new and exciting things that have been happening in little ole' bellingham : : so here it is! !

. . .
. . . . .

there have been very few changes here since you all have left
deedee and i go to school
karl does the internet
we all watch lost/battlestar
and sometimes eat desserts and candy.

everything is soggy - leaves are everywhere
all brown . gold . and wet
there are some pretty big puddles
and thea gets rained on when shes in her

karl finally got paid by clickpop
i draw comics in class because there are no notes to take
((im very bad at art history))

my good friends have finished their first album and it's amazing!

stress and love are everywhere
were all feeling the effects of the damp . dark bellingham fall
but have love and movies
and tv to get us through!

we won our president of choice and karl hasn't smoked since

my brother has been in rehab since late october - that's interesting i suppose

what else - what else would you like to know internet?

oh i ate carrots while walking to meet a friend at the bus the other day - that was awesome.


OH!! PS!
i've been having sad missing you pains - when i think about the jimmy. the stef. the david. my tummy gets tight and all i want to do is hug you all so tight - the missing is getting bad i cannot wait for december - i love you all so much.


Andrea said...

Haha. HI!! Thank you Alligators.

stefanie p. warmouth said...

yes! thank you! i've been waiting so long for this.

i miss hanging out with you and karl and falling asleep on your couch. you are greatly missed. today, std popped up on my iPod and i stopped what i was doing, gazed off into the distance, and thought, "oh little steph, i can't wait to see you again."